Literature review. McCoy, Tom. The Aloes of Arabia

Walker, Colin (2020). Literature review. McCoy, Tom. The Aloes of Arabia. CactusWorld, 38(2) pp. 154–155.


[book review]
Many books have been published on aloes but this is the first to deal exclusively and exhaustively with those from Arabia: Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, including Socotra.
The first 67 pages set the scene: preface; acknowledgements; introduction; geography and geology of the Arabian Peninsula; climate; distribution; ecology and habitats of Aloe in Arabia; Aloe biology; threats to aloes in Arabia; uses of aloes in Arabia and finally history.
The core of the book is coverage of the 50 recognised species, all endemic to Arabia. The quality of the photos is outstanding.
For the record three taxonomic omissions are noted. These aside, this is a stunningly illustrated and well researched monograph of Arabian aloes.

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