New literature. Cristini, Marco. The genus Aeonium

Walker, Colin (2023). New literature. Cristini, Marco. The genus Aeonium. CactusWorld, 41(1) pp. 81–82.


[Book review]

Aeonium is a small but highly diverse genus of Crassulaceae that is generally of reasonably easy culture if a few basic rules are followed, making it very popular and highly desirable with collectors. The genus has been well treated in recent literature, whilst this latest book admirably spans the range from monograph to handbook of the genus.

The introductory matter occupies roughly a quarter of the book.

The bulk of the book covers the species as they are found in habitat with the species arranged by the countries where they occur naturally. In total the author recognises 34 species and 9 subspecies.

Included are some taxonomic reassessments and novelties.

The book ends with an exceptionally thorough bibliography, far more extensive than in any previous book on the genus.

Overall this latest treatment is a thorough survey of Aeonium as it occurs in the wild and consequently it is highly recommended.

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