Walker, Colin (2023). Mangaves. Cactus & Succulent Review(37) pp. 5–10.


The genus Agave presently consists of three subgenera. One of these, subgenus Manfreda, was originally described as a distinct genus in 1866. Manfredas are relatively distinct, consisting of small rosettes arising from underground rootstocks (rhizomes) several of which become deciduous during the winter when the leaves die down completely.

Over the last 15 years or so hybridisers, especially in the USA, have been busy crossing manfredas with more typical agaves to create a wide range of hybrids. Such crosses were formally named by Klein (2010) as the intergeneric xMangave (= Manfreda x Agave). Mangaves have been raised in large quantities using tissue culture techniques and subsequently strongly marketed in the USA. xMangave 'Macho Mocha', 'Bloodspot', 'Blazing Saddles', 'Gonzaloi' and 'Silver Fox' are illustrated and described as examples of the range of hybrids currently available.

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