Stapelia hirsuta

Walker, Colin (2023). Stapelia hirsuta. Cactus & Succulent Review(36) pp. 15–17.


Stapelia hirsuta. is now a fairly common plant, having been in cultivation in Europe for over 300 years. It appears to have flowered first in Amsterdam where Caspar Commelin published an engraving of it in flower in 1706. Later (1755-1760) Philip Miller published a coloured plate with the title Stapelia denticulis ramorum erectis. However in 1753 this was formally named as Stapelia hirsuta. It is now the type species of its genus of 28 species.
A clone flowering in cultivation is described and illustrated.
The currently broad concept of this species adopted by Bruyns (2005) describes it as very variable with a wide U-shaped distribution pattern ranging from southern Namibia through the Cape into KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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