Exploring Knowledge Exchange. Barriers and perceptions

Reed, Andy; Loveys, Megan; Hatzipanagos, Stylianos; Hackett, Phil; Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Soraya and Collie, Jan (2023). Exploring Knowledge Exchange. Barriers and perceptions. In: Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) pp. 1105–1111.

URL: http://www.learntechlib.org/p/222622/


The aim of this study was to explore contemporary views of Knowledge Exchange (KE) in a higher educational context. There is a commonly held belief that knowledge exchange solely resides in the domain of higher education research and is often seen as a way to either share research outputs or contributes to the development of synergies between external organisations, most often with a financial imperative. Through a detailed literature review, a study of contemporary Knowledge Exchange Portals (KEPs), coupled with a detailed survey of HEI practitioners, our study shows that while KE is widely considered an asset, there are many barriers still present which impact the adoption or success of a KEP. Furthermore, this study highlights there can often be a diametrically opposed view between stakeholders of what KE is, and what KE can and should be used for

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