Chichimecactus: a new genus

Walker, Colin (2022). Chichimecactus: a new genus. CactusWorld, 40(3) p. 227.


Chichimecactus has been described as a new monotypic genus by Bárcenas et al (2021) for the species originally described as Strombocactus corregidorae (Arias & Sánchez-Martinez, 2010). This reassessment is based on a molecular study of a small number of chloroplast genes, which shows that S. corregidorae is not closely related to Strombocactus disciformis. The resultant family tree shows these species to be in separate branches (clades), such that the latter species is more closely related to other cactus genera such as Ariocarpus and Turbinicarpus than it is to S. corregidorae.
This dilemma was resolved by separating S. corregidorae in the new genus Chichimecactus with the sole species C. corregidorae.

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