Beliefs, desires and intentions in a hybrid coached agent architecture

Logie, Robert; Hall, Jon G. and Waugh, Kevin G. (2003). Beliefs, desires and intentions in a hybrid coached agent architecture. Technical Report 2003/07; Department of Computing, The Open University.



This paper introduces a proposed research project, Patch-world, which is intended to investigate norm guided emergent behaviour in heterogeneous agent systems. Patchworld has two novel features; lo-calised agent coaching and a flat hybrid agent architectural model Patchworld aims to address a number of problem areas, most notably those of adaptive behaviour, learning transfer, truly decentralised systems and peer level agent architecture. Modal logic is used to provide a common thread through these problem areas and between the agent's architectural modules. Patchworld agents will look forwards, attempting to achieve their goals, using normal and non-normal modal logic. They will also look backwards, attempting to understand and improve their behaviour, using a logic with deontic modalities. This paper has two purposes, firstly to describe the proposed research project and, secondly, to indicate where and how modal logic will be used in the proposed agent's operation. Other aspects mentioned above will be addressed in future work.

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