'On the threshold of the future?': Interview with Athol Fugard

Walder, Dennis (2004). 'On the threshold of the future?': Interview with Athol Fugard. In: Banham, Martin; Gibbs, James; Osofisan, Femi and Kerr, David eds. African Theatre: Southern Africa. Oxford: James Currey, pp. 68–78.

URL: http://www.jamescurrey.co.uk/jcurrey/display.asp?K...


Interview with the playwright Athol Fugard conducted during the UK premiere of his play Sorrows and Rejoicings at the Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn, London, on 24 March 2002. Origins, themes and character sources of play discussed, and refernce made to its predecessor, The Captain's Tiger, an earlier memory play. According the the playwright, the new South Africa is going to need as much vigilance from writers as the old.

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