Aspirational higher education

Parker, Janet (2003). Aspirational higher education. In: Preston, David Seth ed. The idea of education. At the interface/probing the boundaries (5). Armsterdam, Nertherlands: Rodopi, pp. 167–184.



Students today need, but often do not know that they need, more from higher education than they are frequently offered. A discourse of commodification, of strategic
learning, of minimum effort leads to disengagement and dissatisfaction in high as well as low achievers. Instead, this paper argues, students need to be brought into and engaged in the challenging community of practice that is a discipline. They, as honoured but temporary guests, must be allowed to play on and with disciplinary identity, with disciplinary writing. But in order for disciplinary education to produce real outcomes, modes as well as expectations of assessment will have to change. Assessment has to allow for risk and transformation in order for students to experience the growth, challenge, development and autonomy that is their right as well as their privilege.

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