Aesthetical Entanglements in Mathematics Learning

Nemirovsky, Ricardo; Kathotia, Vinay and Mégrourèche, Charlotte (2023). Aesthetical Entanglements in Mathematics Learning. In: 13th Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (Shvarts, Anna ed.), 10-14 Jul 2023, Budapest, Hungary, European Society for Research in Mathematics Education.


In this paper we develop a perspective on the diverse aesthetics historically associated with mathematics, inspired by Rancière’s approach to aesthetics and politics. We call ‘Silencing Aesthetics’ a dominant aesthetic that Rota has characterized as a “copout (...) intended to keep our formal description of mathematics as close as possible to the description of a mechanism.” The challenge this paper attempts to explore is how to question silencing aesthetics to make space for generative ones. Our efforts have focused on setting up and studying inclusive and pluralist ‘Studios’, gathering craftworkers, anthropologists, mathematics educators and mathematics enthusiasts. We include here a case study based on a conversation among basket weavers, anthropologists, and mathematics educators, focused on the artisanal and mathematical nature of knots.

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