Key Concepts in Nursing and Healthcare Resesarch

McIntosh-Scott, Annette; Mason, Tom; Mason-Whitehead, Elizabeth and Coyle, David eds. (2013). Key Concepts in Nursing and Healthcare Resesarch. SAGE Key Concepts series. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.



Research presents a dizzying array of terms and concepts to understand. This new book gives an overview of the important elements across nursing and health research in 42 short, straightforward chapters. Drawing on a range of perspectives from contributors with diverse experience, it will help you to understand what research means, how it is done, and what conclusions you can draw from it in your practice. Topics covered range from action research to systematic review to questionnaires. Every chapter includes a case study.

It will be invaluable reading for nursing students at pre-registration level, undergraduate allied health students and for qualified practitioners needing a quick guide to the essentials.

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