Block 2 Unit 2: Do we all have the same chances?

Bhandari, Renu (2023). Block 2 Unit 2: Do we all have the same chances? In: Darnell, Simon ed. Y034 Psychology, social science and wellbeing. Milton Keynes: The Open University.


In this unit, students will learn about the fairness in life and the reasons why life chances are not the same for all. Students will learn about how different factors like culture, social, and personal can impact the opportunities that are given to each individual in their growing years and what they make of those opportunities through their hard work and commitment. The choices you make sets you differently for life from others. You may have wondered many times, why is it that another colleague/ friend has more education, money, better life essentials. Is it the opportunities that came his/ her way or is it what they have made of those opportunities through their choices, hard work and dedication? Why is life not fair? Each individual’s circumstances, resources, social and cultural influences are different and so each individual’s life chances and opportunities are different. If opportunities in life come along in a varied ways and the way people make choices is different, it surely highlights that no two people can be the same in their life.

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