Musical Meetups: a Knowledge Graph approach for Historical Social Network Analysis

Morales Tirado, Alba; Carvalho, Jason; Mulholland, Paul and Daga, Enrico (2023). Musical Meetups: a Knowledge Graph approach for Historical Social Network Analysis. In: CEUR Workshop Proceedings: SEMMES 2023: Semantic Methods for Events and Stories workshop ESWC 2023 (Alam, Mehwish; Trojahn, Cassia; Hertling, Sven; Pesquita, Catia; Aebeloe, Christian; Aras, Hidir; Azzam, Amr; Cano, Juan; Domingue, John; Gottschalk, Simon; Hartig, Olaf; Hose, Katja; Kirrane, Sabrina; Lisena, Pasquale; Osborne, Francesco; Rohde, Philipp; Steels, Luc; Taelman, Ruben; Third, Aisling; Tiddi, Ilaria and Türker, Rima eds.), CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, 3443.



The large-scale analysis of historical events data makes it possible to trace key points of cultural and social exchange in history. There has been research focused on facilitating the integration and interpretation of events from heterogeneous sources (such as memoirs, books, and biographies) mainly considering events as a sequence of spatiotemporal objects. However, exploring and discovering new connections (e.g., collaborations, interactions) between people does require characterising those events with dimensions that are relevant to the scholarly enquiry such as the actual participants and nature of the event. This paper describes the concept of historical meetup to represent the encounters (for instance, collaborations, exchanges, links) between personalities of European history and formalise its constituent parts as an ontology. Furthermore, we report on preliminary work undertaken to generate a Knowledge Graph of historical meetups extracted from encyclopedic sources, i.e. biographies collected from Wikipedia. We discuss our results and illustrate the challenges of extracting such type of knowledge from biographical sources. The current experimental setting explores historical meetups in the European musical culture between 1800 and 1945. Our work sketches the basis for applying event knowledge graphs to cultural and social history research, providing support for the analysis, and exchange of ideas and practices.

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