Literacy in four early years settings

Paige-Smith, Alice and Miller, Linda (2003). Literacy in four early years settings. In: Miller, Linda and Devereux, Jane eds. Supporting children's learning in the early years. London: David Fulton, pp. 124–136.



This chapter considers practitioner's concerns, beliefs and attitudes towards literacy in the early years curriculum in four years settings in England and the ways in which these impact on children's experiences of literacy. The Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage (QCA/DfEE 2000) which covers the age range three to the end of reception year, was introduced in England in 2000. It was developed in consultation with practitioners and authorities from the field of early childhood. The guidance built on an earlier document Early Learning Goals (QCA/DfEE 1999) following concerns that this document emphasized the achievement of learning goals rather than the process of learning.

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