An agent for creative development in drum kit playing

Lederman, Noam; Holland, Simon and Mulholland, Paul (2023). An agent for creative development in drum kit playing. In: PPIG 2022: Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (Holland, Simon; Petre, Marian; Church, Luke and Marasoiu, Mariana eds.), Proceedings of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, PPIG, Milton Keynes, UK, pp. 88–90.


The aim of this research is to design, implement and evaluate a conversational agent for drum kit players using a call and response model in order to develop their own drumming vocabulary and creativity. Evaluation of the system and analysis of resulting expert drummer behaviour will be used to illuminate various factors: the process of vocabulary development in drum kit players; ways in which technology can assist drum kit players to achieve their creative goals, and more broadly how this approach could support the practices of professional drummers. Although previous research has been conducted in music computing focusing on creativity development in melodic instruments, for example, electronic keyboard (Addessi, 2014) and guitar (Manaris et al., 2011), little is known whether this approach can be applied in rhythmic instruments such as the drum kit. Therefore, the main contribution to knowledge is exploring a gap in human-computer interaction tools for creativity development in drum kit playing.

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