On the journey to impact: developing an impact strategy plan for the PRIME project

Rets, Irina; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Bailey, Sara and FitzGerald, Elizabeth (2023). On the journey to impact: developing an impact strategy plan for the PRIME project. In: Social Sciences Impact Conference 2023, 20-21 Mar 2023, University of Oxford.

URL: https://www.socsci.ox.ac.uk/event/impact-conferenc...


The Protecting Minority Ethnic Communities Online (PRIME) project is a UKRI-funded transdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and cross-institutional project involving a consortium of Cranfield University, Universities of Glasgow and York, The Open University and community organisations, led by Heriot Watt University. Launched in April 2022, the 36-month project will increase understanding of minority ethnic communities’ experiences of online services; capacity for responding to these communities; and how online harm can be mitigated for these communities.

The PRIME project has a dedicated impact and dissemination work package led by The Open University. An approach we took in PRIME is to undertake impact and dissemination work throughout the project’s lifetime rather than focus on impact in the final stages of the project.

In this session we discussed the steps we had taken to setting up an impact plan for PRIME, from the stakeholder analysis to developing an impact strategy. We covered the resources we found useful in the early stages of our impact work, how we had utilized participatory approaches to inform our impact plan, and the challenges we had faced so far in coordinating the impact work across this large-scale project, involving both academic and non-academic stakeholders.

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