Teacher well-being: Are doughnuts in the staffroom enough?

Carden, Catherine and Bethune, Adrian (2022). Teacher well-being: Are doughnuts in the staffroom enough? In: Carden, Catherine ed. Primary Teaching: Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools Today. Primary Teaching Now, 2. London: Sage, pp. 365–387.

URL: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/mst/primary-teaching/...


In this chapter we explore the importance of teacher well-being and introduce you to key data highlighting the issues around well-being and the links between well-being, or the perceived lack of, and teachers considering leaving and actually leaving the profession. We then explore the notion of work-life balance, challenging this concept and offering more appropriate ways to view the interaction between your work and life outside work. We move on to offer ways in which you can positively manage your own well-being and prioritise self-care even during your early days as a teacher/student teacher. This is important! Start as you mean to go on. The penultimate section of this chapter broadens the conversation to consider how a culture of well-being can be cultivated within schools before finally asking you to consider yourself as a role model for others, particularly those who you teach.

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