Bringing a teacher’s learning and development, back to school

Addae-Kyeremeh, Eric (2021). Bringing a teacher’s learning and development, back to school. The Open University.



While it’s still useful to get out of school for training and development, many researchers and practitioners now agree, that teachers should be encouraged and supported to develop professionally within their schools, if we are to improve the quality of learning outcomes for students. In other words, “a teacher’s learning and development cannot be disconnected from the context within which their practice takes place” (Little, 1992).

This blog post emphasises the significance of school-based professional learning and development. It argues that learning, training and development that takes place close to practice, offers greater opportunity to learn-and-do as exemplified in the OU-BBC TV coproduction - Don’t Exclude Me, where Marie Gentles, an expert practitioner, spends time with individuals, coaching and modelling practice, in the school.

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