Parent partnership and inclusion in the early years

Paige-Smith, Alice (2004). Parent partnership and inclusion in the early years. In: Miller, Linda and Devereux, Jane eds. Supporting children's learning in the early years. UK: Routledge, pp. 45–53.



This chapter consider different perspectives towards parent of children with learning difficulties and disabilities and how the concept of parent partnership has developed. An analysis of policy documents which describe parent partnership indicates that there has been a shift in perspective from a "supportive" model in the 1970s towards a "rights" model represented in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (DfES 2001). Parents are considered to have the right to participate in their child's education and to indicate their choices in their child's schooling. Local Education Authorities are instructed in the Code to provide parents with independent advisers to support them in making these choices. This shift will be outlined in this chapter by considering the conflicting attitudes between parents and professionals and how one particular group of parents supported and became involved in the education of their children in the early years.

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