Re-centring Value in the EU: a Care and Ecological-led Economy

Lombardozzi, L. (2022). Re-centring Value in the EU: a Care and Ecological-led Economy. In: Schieder, A.; Andor, L.; Maltschnig, M. and Skrzypek, A. eds. Progressivism after COVID: Experiences, Impulses, Ideas. Next Left, 12. Brussels: FEPS - Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Renner Institut, pp. 149–170.



This policy paper adopts an internationalist and holistic political economy approach to emphasise the political importance and
economic implications of supporting public goods and services and workers’ conditions to ensure a sustainable and inclusive European
Union. By problemitising the normative objectives of profit-led growth and its related economic indicators, this paper contributes to identify and systematise the root causes of gender and ecological injustices. It argues for a reconceptualization of the idea of value in economic policies to enlighten what and who actually produces value in our economy and how these agents and activities are rewarded in terms of political voice, economic legitimacy and social rights.

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