Primary Teaching: Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools Today (2nd Ed.)

Carden, Catherine ed. (2022). Primary Teaching: Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools Today (2nd Ed.). London: SAGE.



The second edition of this core text from Learning Matters asks:

• What is teaching?
• Does curriculum really matter?
• Does behaviour need 'managing'?
• What is a learning environment today?
• Does my classroom reflect the identities of all of my learners?
• How can I bring the theme of sustainability to my teaching?

Discussing these and many more, it covers the contents of professional studies modules and goes beyond to support trainees on placements and in their learning on the course. Five new chapters are added for this edition discussing themes of sustainability, teacher self care, diversity in the curriculum, sex and relationships education and our new understanding of learning environments.

Learning features throughout have been designed to help students develop their understanding, broaden their perspectives, think more critically and apply theory to practice. These include:
Case Studies to apply learning to real-life school contexts.
Key Readings to encourage wider reading, broaden perspectives and offer practical ideas for the classroom.
Key Theory features introduce and summarise big ideas, theories and research.
Critical Questions direct reflection, help students engage with what their reading and encourage critical responses.
Classroom Links highlight good practice, provide practical ideas and show how to implement these in the classroom.
Assignment features offer helpful points to consider and practical advice for writing assignments on chapter topics, which act as great starting points.

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