Audio-Frequency Surface Waves Over Multiple Width And Depth Grooves

Mellish, Steve; Taherzadeh, Shahram and Attenborough, Keith (2022). Audio-Frequency Surface Waves Over Multiple Width And Depth Grooves. In: Proceedings: Internoise 2022, article no. 186156.



Previous studies of airborne surface waves have been carried out at audio-frequencies over periodically rough surfaces formed by lighting lattices and bricks and at ultrasonic frequencies over mm scale compound gratings involving grooves of the same depth but different widths. In this paper, a modal model, which has been found to give comparable predictions to BEM while being much faster to run is used, together with BEM, to investigate audio-frequency sound propagation over grooves of varying widths and depths in the order of cm. Predictions of excess attenuation spectra, pressure contours and zeroes in the effective reflection coefficient over grooves with multiple widths and depths are used to indicate the nature of the surface waves which involve overlapping quarter wavelength resonances. Predictions are extended to multiple depth grooved surfaces without and with porous infills.

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