The social implications of Covid-19 on Communities

Morrison, Emily; Fransman, Jude and Bulutoglu, Katriya (2020). The social implications of Covid-19 on Communities. Institute of Community Studies, London, UK.



This report reviews the social implications of Covid-19 on communities in the UK. It is organised into five principal parts, with questions which have guided the narrative of our enquiry as follows:

The nature of community

● How has community support mobilised in response to Covid-19?
● What are the implications of how community support has mobilised on:

○ Social infrastructure and its role in delivering urgent intervention, and longer- term policy led, priorities
○ Our understanding of the role of community in times of
acute, and increasingly protracted, crisis

● How has/should the relationship between residents, volunteers, community-based organisations, special issue charities, service providers and local authorities be(en) reconfigured in response to the crisis?

Changing places?

● How has Covid-19 affected understanding of ‘place-based community’ in the UK context?
● How has Covid-19 changed the nature of communities (in terms of both their demographic
composition, spatial and geopolitical parameters, and the ways in which they are defined/measured through policy, practice and research)?


● How has Covid-19 affected inequalities between different demographic groups within communities (e.g. shielding)
● How has Covid-19 affected inequalities between different communities characterised by different demographic groups?
Social cohesion
● How has C19 affected different people’s sense of community?
● How do different ideas of cohesion include/exclude certain groups?
● Why do different groups of people feel more/less connected?
● How does trust/compliance with regulations relate to community cohesion?


● What does the nature of volunteering tell us about differences within/across communities, and the relationship between people and the state?
● How have the effects of Covid-19 and the resilience it has produced in local communities been distributed according to different local environments, infrastructures and economies?
● How have wider issues of trust relating to the media, government and science changed from a community perspective?

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