Agile, collaborative academic decision-making at scale and speed

Rossade, Klaus-Dieter (2022). Agile, collaborative academic decision-making at scale and speed. In: Rossade, Klaus-Dieter; Janssen, José; Wood, Carlton and Ubachs, George eds. Designing Online Assessment. Solutions that are Rigorous, Trusted, Flexible and Scalable. Maastricht, The Netherlands: EADTU, pp. 72–74.



This best practice case study addresses the need to implement changes when time is short and doing nothing is not an option – for example during a pandemic. It describes the work of a university-wide Academic Implementation Group that was stood up at the Open University UK from March 2020 to March 2021. This group enabled principled and effective decision making. The case study describes the process, reflects on critical success factors and some of the impact at the time and beyond the life of the group.

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