A computational method for determining the linear elastic properties of 2D aperiodic lattice structures

Imediegwu, Chikwesiri; Grimm, Uwe; Moat, Richard and Jowers, Iestyn (2023). A computational method for determining the linear elastic properties of 2D aperiodic lattice structures. The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design, 58(7) pp. 590–602.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/03093247221150666


This paper develops a framework for determining the linear elastic properties of non-periodic lattice structures. An element-based material assignment methodology is implemented that facilitates the generation and analyses of arbitrary patterns on a structured mesh. An adapted numerical homogenization strategy features the inclusion of a homogenized region in the neighbourhood of the domain boundary that validates the implementation of periodic boundary conditions for an arbitrary finite patch of a periodic or non-periodic lattice structure. To demonstrate the method, the linear elastic properties of an aperiodic lattice pattern based on the Penrose (P3) pattern is evaluated. Such a structure exhibits order without translational symmetry and consequently lacks a repeating unit cell. The isotropic performance of the aperiodic lattice structure is investigated and compared to that of the well-known square periodic lattice. The framework opens the door to the investigation and analyses of other novel cellular structures which are not based on a repeating unit cell. Additive manufacturing facilitates the physical realization of such lattice structures, presenting them as viable alternatives to conventional periodic structures in the aerospace and bio-engineering industries.

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