"Lust's Dominion"; or, the "Lascivious Queen": Authorship, Date, and Revision

Cathcart, Charles (2001). "Lust's Dominion"; or, the "Lascivious Queen": Authorship, Date, and Revision. The Review of English Studies, 52(207) pp. 360–375.

URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/3070533


This article attempts to assess and to build upon existing accounts of the inception of Lust's Dominion in respect of authorship, date, and revision. The conclusions are these: Lust's Dominion is not the adaptation of a play of the 1590s, but was first conceived and written at the time of the payments by the Admiral's Men for The Spanish Moor's Tragedy; the arguments for Marston's hand in Lust's Dominion are very strong; linguistic evidence broadly fits the thesis of multiple contributions by Marston, Dekker, Haughton, and Day, but neither confirms nor detracts from the case for Marston's involvement; there are indications of a limited revision of the play subsequent to 1599/1600; and evidence of a responsiveness to Lust's Dominion in 1606-8 suggests 1606 as the most likely period for this. The play's various titles reflect different stages of its history, and The Lascivious Queen appears to be the most likely authorial and performance title.

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