The Beagle landing site in Isidis Planitia

Bridges, J.B.; Seabrook, A.M.; Kim, J.R.; Muller, J-P.; Rothery, D.A.; Pillinger, C.T.; Sims, M.R.; Wright, I.P.; Grady, M.M.; Mitchell, K.L. and Morley, J.G. (2001). The Beagle landing site in Isidis Planitia. In: 32nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 12-16 Mar 2001, Houston, Texas, USA.



The Mars probe Beagle 2 will land in Isidis Planitia. This region satisfies the engineering constraints and has evidence for particularly volatile-rich subsoil. Isidis provides a suitable place for the lander to search for H2O and organic matter.

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