EMI Programmes in Turkey: Evidence of Exponential Growth

Yuksel, Dogan; Altay, Mehmet and Curle, Samantha (2022). EMI Programmes in Turkey: Evidence of Exponential Growth. In: Curle, Samantha; Ali, Holi Ibrahim Holi; Alhassan, Awad and Scatolini, Sergio eds. English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa: Policy, Research and Pedagogy. London, UK: Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 109–128.


This chapter examined the numbers of the English Medium Instruction (EMI) programmes in Turkish higher education by illustrating the situation in 1999 and comparing it with the most current data (2019) to provide evidence to the commonly discussed exponential growth in EMI programmes in the Turkish setting. It also reviewed the Turkish Council of Higher Education regulations about foreign language medium of instruction starting from 1984 to build a background to the development of the programmes. The comparison of the programmes in 1999 and 2019 revealed that the number of EMI programmes increased more than four-fold in 20 years. The chapter also provided the list of the universities with the highest numbers of full and partial EMI programmes and top ten academic subjects in 1999 and 2019. When the trends and popularity in academic subjects were compared in 1999 and 2019, we observed that the top five academic subjects in 1999 (i.e., Business Administration, Electrics and Electronics Engineering, International Relations, Computer Engineering and Economics) kept their presence in the top ten list in 2019, all increasing in different numbers.

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