Dooley, James (2023). GRAZpatterns. James Dooley.



Wandering the streets of Graz as the seasons transition from winter to spring, the city is a vibrant visual and aural network of people, architecture, graffiti, trams and tramlines, buses and bus routes, businesses opening and closing, and church bells chiming. The city is a complex of patterns.

GRAZpatterns explores seven musical patterns in an improvisatory way. Unlike in previous compositions, no additional material or audio processing was added in post-production; each pattern was performed and captured "live" using the formuls digital musical instrument. The sound structures that emerged are the result of manipulating pre-planned musical patterns by interacting with the perceived and hidden affordances of formuls. This process yielded a combination of anticipated and unexpected musical outputs that teeter between elegant tones and uncomfortable sonic distortions, structurally forming a larger complex of patterns.

This is the first album of compositions to emerge from my artistic residency at the Institute of Electronic Music Graz (IEM), which took place from March to May 2022. After the residency I returned to the UK and its political landscape; the music was performed and recorded in the UK.

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