Prevalence and correlates of allergic diseases among children

Pawlinska-Chmara, R; Wronka and Muc, M (2008). Prevalence and correlates of allergic diseases among children. Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 59(Suppl 6) pp. 549–556.


The purpose of this paper was to determine the correlation between socioeconomic status, lifestyle, and the prevalence of allergic diseases in children. It was also checked whether there were any differences in the biological development rate between the children with allergies and their peers. The study is based on the data obtained from a cross-sectional surveys of 301 children aged 4-9. The number of children with allergies found as declared by their parents was 58 (19.3%). The prevalence of allergic children in the villages was significantly lower than in towns (12.8% vs. 26.2%). The more frequent occurrence of allergies in children also depended on the level of their parents' education, very good economic conditions, artificial feeding during the first months of their lives and attending nurseries. The children with diagnosed allergies did not differ from their peers by height, but had a higher body weight.

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