ICT Strengthening Partnership in Zambian schools

Gallastegi, Lore; Gaved, Mark; Woodward, Clare; Stutchbury, Kris and Henry, Fiona (2022). ICT Strengthening Partnership in Zambian schools. In: BAICE 2022: Partnerships in education: collaboration, co-operation and co-optation, 13-15 Sep 2022, Edinburgh, Scotland.

URL: https://baice.ac.uk/baice-conference-2022/


The Zambian Education School-based Training (ZEST) programme has developed a School-Based Continuous Professional Development (SBCPD) model to support the implementation of the revised curriculum and policies for SBCPD in Zambia. Working with World Vision (Zambia), officials from the Ministry of Education and teachers and school leaders in over 400 schools, the Open University (UK) has developed a set of resources to support active teaching and learning in Africa.

A central challenge has been how to facilitate the support and monitoring of professional development activities across a wide geographical area, further complicated mid project by pandemic travel restrictions. Digital and networked technologies have enabled access to a wide range of participants and resources to support teachers and district officials. Open educational resources, disseminated over local network hubs accessed via domesticated technologies (smartphones) have extended the potential reach and media capabilities of learning materials. Familiar social media tools (e.g. WhatsApp) have enabled the remote support of teacher CPD during pandemic travel restrictions. However, the introduction and use of educational technologies, particularly in poorly resourced settings, faces the risk of reinforcing inequalities as much as building more equitable partnerships.

This poster offers a representation of how an ecology of educational technologies is being used to enable meetings with schools and district officials across different locations;  to facilitate teacher group meetings within and across schools; to provide access to resources to support teachers’ skills and development, including the sharing of videos developed by teachers; and to monitor the implementation of ZEST across 400 schools.

We reflect on findings from recent research, identifying the potentials of digitally enhanced SBCPD but also the challenges experienced.

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