Reading Librarians and school libraries

Aggleton, Jen; Carter, Carol and Grieve, Mary Rose (2023). Reading Librarians and school libraries. In: Cremin, Teresa; Hendry, Helen; Rodriguez-Leon, Lucy and Kucirkova, Natalia eds. Reading Teachers: Nurturing Reading for Pleasure. London: Routledge, pp. 150–161.



Reading Librarians can offer a pathway to reading for pleasure which is both distinct from and complementary to the role of a Reading Teacher. Not only are Reading Librarians highly skilled and knowledgeable reading professionals, but their position outside of the classroom provides a unique opportunity for them to lead, build, develop and be members of reading communities. As an ‘assessment-free zone’, the school library offers an environment in which children can explore and express the diversities of their reading identities beyond what may be seen in the classroom. Reading Librarians work across year groups, developing relationships with readers over many years, and can bring together not only children but also staff, caregivers and the local community to create truly reciprocal communities of readers. As such, Reading Librarians play a powerful role in developing reading for pleasure.

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