Noble gases in Tagish Lake

Grady, Monica; Verchovsky, Sasha; Franchi, Ian; Wright, Ian and Pillinger, Colin (2001). Noble gases in Tagish Lake. In: 64th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, 10-14 Sep 2001, Vatican City, Italy.



From the introduction: Tagish Lake has been classified as a CI2 chondrite [1] with an interstellar grain abundance enhanced over that of CI1 and CM2 chondrites [2]. Noble gases have been used as markers for the presence of exotic, presolar grains in chondritic meteorites: Xe-HL (nanodiamonds) and Xe-s/Ne-E (SiC). We have measured 4He, Ne, Ar and Xe in whole-rock Tagish Lake, and an orthophosphoric acid-resistant residue, in an effort to define more precisely the relative abundances of the different presolar components present, and to verify whether or not the meteorite has an enhanced complement of presolar diamonds. For comparison, whole-rock samples of Orgueil and Murchison have also been analysed using the same experimental procedure.

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