Revolutionary Heroes in Chinese Propaganda Posters

Barnes, A. J. (2023). Revolutionary Heroes in Chinese Propaganda Posters. In: Allison, S. T.; Beggan, J. K. and Goethals, G. R. eds. Encyclopedia of Heroism Studies. Springer (In Press).


The concept of the revolutionary hero or martyr was integral to Mao Zedong Thought. The Chinese people were encouraged to learn from and model their behaviour on real-life and fictional heroes. Stories of their lives, deaths, and their deeds in the service of the Chinese people, the Party and Chairman Mao, were disseminated through a range of different forms of cultural production. This article focuses on their representation in propaganda posters; one of the most affordable, accessible and immediately recognisable forms of visual culture produced during the Mao-era (1949-1976).

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