The Role of Web 3.0 and Blockchain in the Future of Education

Mikroyannidis, A. (2022). The Role of Web 3.0 and Blockchain in the Future of Education. In: Proceedings of 7th Panhellenic Scientific Conference "Integration and Use of ICT in the Educational Process" (Panagiotakopoulos, C.; Karatrantou, A. and Armakolas, S. eds.), 16-18 Sep 2022, University of Patras, Greece, pp. 31–37.


The emergence of Web 3.0 and the Blockchain holds the potential to shape the future of education in various ways. Web 3.0 and the Blockchain offer a decentralised peer-to-peer infrastructure, where privacy, secure archiving, consensual ownership, transparency, accountability, identity management and trust are built-in, both at the software and infrastructure levels. This decentralised peer-to-peer infrastructure offers opportunities to decentralise education by transforming the ways that we find educational content and tutoring services online, how we register and pay for them, as well as how we get accredited for what we have learned and how this accreditation affects our career trajectory. This paper discusses some of the ways that the future of education can be impacted by decentralisation. In particular, a pilot case study of the research project QualiChain is presented, in the context of which the use of decentralisation technologies has been investigated towards providing lifelong learners with transparent and immutable educational accreditation.

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