Boxing, Masculinity and Identity. The "I" of the Tiger

Woodward, Kath (2006). Boxing, Masculinity and Identity. The "I" of the Tiger. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.



This book draws upon and develops theories of identitifcation and identity in the world of boxing, through the diverse worlds that the sport invokes.The book explores the personal and public worlds of boxing through ethnographic research and critical analyses of representations of its public stories, in the media, cinema and literary forms as well as the legends which abound in boxing about its heroic and anti-heroic figures.'The "I" of the Tiger' engages with the tensions and ambivalences of gendered identifications and the intersections between the social and the psychic in a world that might appear to offer a simple story of belonging, in order to present a focused argument about the centrality of the relationship between personal and public worlds, the material and the symbolic and the often contradictory nature of identificatory processes.

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