Psychoanalysis needs research and research needs psychoanalysis

Rost, Felicitas (2018). Psychoanalysis needs research and research needs psychoanalysis. In New Associations New Associations (25), British Psychoanalytic Council.



Is it fair to say that psychoanalysis and empirical research do not speak in different dialects, but speak different languages altogether? In fact, it has even been asserted that they descend from and belong to very different cultures. If so, then this begs the question of whether their diverging heritage forecloses the possibility of any form of alliance. The gulf between the two is striking, with worrying consequences. What is needed is a middle way, where neither imposes its tongue on to the other, but where both can continue to hold on to their principles and values whilst gradually allowing the effects of the encounter to shape a novel way of conversing and hence gaining knowledge. As such, I argue that psychoanalysis needs research as much as research needs psychoanalysis.

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