Geology of the Derain quadrangle (H10), Mercury

Malliband, Christopher C.; Rothery, David A.; Balme, Matthew R.; Conway, Susan J.; Pegg, David L. and Wright, Jack (2023). Geology of the Derain quadrangle (H10), Mercury. Journal of Maps, 19(1), article no. 2112774.



We present the results of geological mapping of Mercury’s Derain (H10) quadrangle (0°-72°E and 22.5°N-22.5°S) using data from the MESSENGER spacecraft. The map is presented on a scale of 1:3,000,000, for which linework was drawn at 1:300,000. We distinguish three major morphological plains units: Smooth, Intermediate, and Intercrater Plains. We produced two versions of the map, with craters classified according to a 3- and 5-class degradation system. This allows compatibility with other MESSENGER-era maps and Mariner 10-era maps. This map will help provide science context for the ESA-JAXA BepiColombo mission to Mercury.

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