Equity in Education: A New Definition from a European Perspective

Serarols, Jordi; Gonzalez, Jordi; Welton, Nicola; Stewart, Sarah; Pauwells, Ellen; Runfola, Caterina; Mara, Elena Lucia and Mara, Daniel (2018). Equity in Education: A New Definition from a European Perspective. ACTA Universitatis Lucian Blaga, 2018(1) pp. 224–232.

URL: http://euschoolequity.org/articles.html


This paper is the first in a series based on the Erasmus+ project: “Supporting Opportunity in Schools: Promoting Educational Equity” which includes educational institutions from five European countries. This project is aimed to empower school leaders to enhance and to assess equity through the development of several intellectual outputs and actions about the importance of assessing equity in schools to raise awareness among educational stakeholders. The first output was to agree on a new definition of school equity, which captured the needs of the five different educational systems involved in the project and represented current policy perspectives from across Europe. The definition was built around the identification of six key words, which became equity dimensions. From this point, these dimensions have been the starting point to deepen the topic and set the sub-dimensions. This will allow school heads to evaluate equity in their school by means of using a variety of digital tools, which will be developed throughout the project.

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