[Structured Discussion] Treatment guidelines need a revised methodology. It's high time for a sea-change and viable alternatives

Rost, Felicitas (2019). [Structured Discussion] Treatment guidelines need a revised methodology. It's high time for a sea-change and viable alternatives. In: Society for Psychotherapy Research 5th Joint European & UK Chapters Conference, 19-21 Sep 2019, Krakow, Poland.

URL: https://www.sprconference.com/EU-UK-2019/#:~:text=...


Earlier this year, pressure from a coalition of all major UK mental health professional bodies, patient organisations and MPs, led to an unprecedented achievement: A third revision of the proposed NICE guideline on Depression in Adults. SPR UK spearheaded the campaign. We pointed to the various serious methodological concerns, which, if not adequately addressed, render the guideline unfit for purpose. The methodological concerns have been made repeatedly over the last 15 years in the UK and similar processes have occurred in other European countries and beyond. Yet time and again this critique has been dismissed and down-played as inter-professional quarrels over which treatments get recommended. The repeated calls that the subordination of psychological treatment and research to medical science is a hindrance and in need of a re-visioning keep falling on deaf ears. This discussion endeavours to continue our dialogue about the uses and abuses of research in treatment guidelines that we began in Oxford 2017 and in Amsterdam last year. Whilst we need to continue to challenge guideline developers such as NICE, the time has perhaps come to start thinking about developing alternative guidelines that use a mixed-method design and synthesis of findings from different methodologies. Who, if not us, would be better placed to do so? Perhaps the recent decision of the American Psychological Association to develop an alternative guideline could serve as an example for us to be doing something similar in Europe? We invite for a lively structured discussion on how alternatives to NICE and other treatment guidelines may look like.

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