Low Embodied Carbon Buildings: Design Decisions and the role of LCA

Polycarpou, Kyriacos (2021). Low Embodied Carbon Buildings: Design Decisions and the role of LCA. In: DTA Summer School 2021, 12-15 Jul 2021, Online - Remote.

URL: https://www.unialliance.ac.uk/dta/dta-summer-schoo...


Decisions taken as early as during the design of buildings are a factor of vital importance in shaping their carbon impact throughout their whole life cycle. A growing amount of literature has dealt with the significance of the building design process, either by highlighting its influence on the overall building-induced carbon impacts or by pointing out the most important stages and decision-makers.
However, little is known about what happens in practice, within the real-world context and how decisions are actually taken, or even how environmental impacts are considered.
This work aims to shed light on what is being done in practice, how decisions are actually taken and how carbon impacts are considered during the building design within its unexplored real-world context. Moreover, it seeks to understand the various socio-technical influences that affect and guide the environmental decisions of the stakeholders and their effect on the whole-life carbon implications of the building.

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