Biomimicry for a Sustainable World: Part 1

Hatem, Faten (2022). Biomimicry for a Sustainable World: Part 1. OpenLearn.



Nature is all around us, therefore, it is vital to understand how Biomimicry can help us learn from the genius creation of living things and help to sustain this planet.

This is an introductory course on Biomimicry, what it is called, its key concepts as well as examples of its implementation in practice.

The material is provided by Biomimicry Institute and AskNature.

Course learning outcomes:

To gain knowledge on what biomimicry is.
To recognise the importance of integrating biomimicry in different disciplines.
To learn a new way of thinking about nature and how it connects with us in different ways.
To know how can you help the planet be more sustainable in your own sector.

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