Visitor Management Plan for Al-Manial Palace in Cairo

Hatem, Faten (2022). Visitor Management Plan for Al-Manial Palace in Cairo. OpenLearn.



This article discusses Visitor Management Plan for The Manial Palace. It begins with introducing the site composition and then introducing the significance of the site including the cultural and natural values and attributes. The vision and mission were also presented as well as the suggestions to involve the stakeholders. In addition, important information and illustrations regarding the types of visitors and the sensitive/fragile areas of the site were included. The development suggestions were made in different aspects such as the tools and strategies that best fit the site context, visit route that best suits the strategies, interpretation program/ activities, visitor risk management program and carrying capacity issues. In the end, a conclusion was presented to summarize the main ideas.

Al-Manial Palace was chosen to implement visitor management in this paper due to its importance as a unique natural and cultural site. It is one of the unconventional, lesser-known, but must-see attractions in the Egyptian capital.

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