Challenges of Recruiting Developers in Multidisciplinary Studies

Rauf, Irum; Lopez, Tamara; Sharp, Helen and Petre, Marian (2022). Challenges of Recruiting Developers in Multidisciplinary Studies. In: 1st International Workshop on Recruiting Participants for Empirical Software Engineering (RoPES’22).


Security is a multivalent phenomenon so while it is technical, it is also social. Within research it is thus part of computing, but also other disciplines, including psychology. This paper reports on an empirical study conducted as part of multi-disciplinary research involving researchers from software engineering, social psychology and software security to understand how social identity influences the way developers engage with security in code. The goal of this report is to document the challenges faced in recruiting from different recruiting channels and identify how these challenges hindered our understanding of priming condition. We hope that this report will help other researchers in understanding these challenges of designing multi-disciplinary examinations and overcoming any pitfalls in future studies.

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