Walking With(in) Transdisciplinary-Scapes

Cooke, Carolyn (2022). Walking With(in) Transdisciplinary-Scapes. In: Burnard, Pamela; Macklay, Elizabeth; Rousell, David and Dragovic, Tatjana eds. Doing Rebellious Research In and Beyond the Academy. Critical Issues in the Future of Learning and Teaching, 23. Leiden: Brill, pp. 70–83.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004516069_006


Transdisciplinarity asks us to do, be and think differently, transgressing and transcending disciplinary boundaries, requiring a different ‘way of being’ with(in) the world. But how do we make such a shift in being? How can we learn to pay attention differently? How can we learn to transcend the habits and assumptions we have of research? This chapter is an offer to remake narratives of transdisciplinarity, research and writing as we walk with(in) entangled scapes of north-east Scotland and my PhD project which explored teaching as an improvisatory act. In bringing together the sensorial, the bodily, the natural and research, we expose different languages, sensations, images and experiences with which we can think and do in a transdisciplinary-scape.

This chapter is an offer to go for a walk, an offer to travel together in company (with each other but also with materials, images, words). It is an offer to ‘play out together’ in a transdisciplinary-scape to see what happens, bringing with us our experiences, and paying attention to how we think and make with them as we walk.

This isn’t a walk to reach a particular destination, it isn’t about where we end, but it is about what happens along the way, where paying attention and noticing what is occurring makes us re-see, re-make and re-tell our relationships with each other. As we walk, our encounters mobilise material-body-environment performances, revealing new narratives, new experiences of transdisciplinary doing, being, becoming. Our walk begins from my front door, into the fields of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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