Magnetotunneling Spectroscopy of Dilute Ga(AsN) Quantum Wells

Endicott, J.; Patanè, A.; Ibáñez, J.; Eaves, L.; Bissiri, M.; Hopkinson, M.; Airey, R. and Hill, G. (2003). Magnetotunneling Spectroscopy of Dilute Ga(AsN) Quantum Wells. Physical Review Letters, 91(12), article no. 126802.



We use magnetotunneling spectroscopy to explore the admixing of the extended GaAs conduction band states with the localized N-impurity states in dilute GaAs1−yNy quantum wells. In our resonant tunneling diodes, electrons can tunnel into the N-induced E and E+ subbands in a GaAs1−yNy quantum well layer, leading to resonant peaks in the current-voltage characteristics. By varying the magnetic field applied perpendicular to the current direction, we can tune an electron to tunnel into a given k state of the well; since the applied voltage tunes the energy, we can map out the form of the energy-momentum dispersion curves of E and E+. The data reveal that for a small N content (∼0.1%) the E and E+ subbands are highly nonparabolic and that the heavy effective mass E+ states have a significant Γ-conduction band character even at k=0.

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