Duality and conformal twisted boundaries in the Ising model

Grimm, Uwe (2003). Duality and conformal twisted boundaries in the Ising model. In: Gazeau, J.-P.; Kerner, R.; Antoine, J.-P.; Métens, S. and Thibon, J.-Y. eds. Group 24: Physical and Mathematical Aspects of Symmetry. Institute of Physics Conference Series (173). Bristol, UK: IOP Publishing Ltd, pp. 395–398.

URL: http://uk.arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0209048


There has been recent interest in conformal twisted boundary conditions and their realisations in solvable lattice models. For the Ising and Potts quantum chains, these amount to boundary terms that are related to duality, which is a proper symmetry of the model at criticality. Thus, at criticality, the duality-twisted Ising model is translationally invariant, similar to the more familiar cases of periodic and antiperiodic boundary conditions. The complete finite-size spectrum of the Ising quantum chain with this peculiar boundary condition is obtained.

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