SuperWASP observations of the transiting extrasolar planet XO-1b

Wilson, D. M.; Enoch, B.; Christian, D. J.; Clarkson, W. I.; Collier Cameron, A.; Deeg, H. J.; Evans, A.; Haswell, C.A.; Hellier, C.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Horne, K.; Irwin, J.; Kane, S. R.; Lister, T.A.; Maxted, P. F. L.; Norton, A. J.; Pollacco, D.; Skillen, I.; Street, R. A.; West, R. G. and Wheatley, P. J. (2006). SuperWASP observations of the transiting extrasolar planet XO-1b. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 118(847) pp. 1245–1248.



We report on observations of 11 transit events of the transiting extrasolar planet XO-1b by the SuperWASP North observatory. From our data, obtained during 2004 May–September, we find that the XO-1b orbital period is 3.941634 ± 0.000137 days, the planetary radius is 1.34RJ ± 0.12RJ, and the inclination is 8892 ± 104, in good agreement with previously published values. We tabulate the transit timings from 2004 SuperWASP and XO data, which are the earliest obtained for XO-1b and which will therefore be useful for future investigations of timing variations caused by additional perturbing planets. We also present an ephemeris for the transits.

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