ICHER Home Education Research Conference 2021: Conference Proceedings

Fensham-Smith, Amber and Brabant, Christine (2021). ICHER Home Education Research Conference 2021: Conference Proceedings. International Center for Home Education Research.

URL: https://www.icher.org/conference/ICHER-2021-Confer...


The International Center for Home Education Research (ICHER) exists to provide
expert information and analysis regarding homeschooling research and to facilitate
networking among researchers studying home-based learning/home education (HEd).
ICHER aims to support high quality research in this field, and to provide a space for open
and rigorous discussion of the results.
In September-October 2021, we ran our first international online conference. Amid a
global pandemic, board members intended to use this timely opportunity to fulfill ICHER’s
goals by offering a platform for HEd researchers to disseminate their work and to extend
existing networks, nationally and internationally. To this end, we invited researchers affiliated
with a higher education institution, among those currently doing research and publishing
academic work on HEd. Graduate students were also welcome. In order to promote inclusion
and participation across the world, the conference took place in the form of 90-minute live
interactive sessions via visioconference, co-ordinated across multiple time zones.
In total, forty-one (41) invited researchers from around the world came together to
participate in and contribute to this scientific event on HEd research: 15 from Europe, 13 from
North America, 8 from Oceania, 4 from Asia and 2 from South America. Sixteen of them
presented their research work. In addition, nine field actors shared their experience,
preoccupations and suggestions for future research. Hence, our first international conference
was a great success.
The sessions made use of both live discussions and pre-recorded presentations to
promote collaborative discussion and audience engagement. Each conference week was
dedicated to addressing pressing and timely themes connected to the practical, ethical, and
theoretical implications of doing and disseminating HEd research.
The proceedings have been complied with intention of capturing and representing a
snapshot of the rich discussions that took place throughout the conference. They are divided
into three key sections including: 1) the challenges of researching HEd, 2) dissemination of
key findings linked to individual researcher projects and 3) networking and learning from the
direct experiences of field actors.

For general queries or further information regarding the ICHER 2021 conference
proceedings, please contact us here.

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