Collaborative Analysis Between Staff and Students of Interviews About Assessment, Agency, and Identity

Fox, Alison; Kagoya, Anne; Stutchbury, Kris; Jewitt, Katharine; Ruiz Martinez, Alejandro Tomas and Burrell, Susannah Collaborative Analysis Between Staff and Students of Interviews About Assessment, Agency, and Identity. Sage.

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This dataset is offered to explore the methodological, ethical, and practical aspects of collecting and collaboratively analysing interview data online in a student-instigated study. The data are provided by students Anne Kagoya, Susannah Burrell, Alejandro Tomas Ruiz Martinez, studying a Master’s in Education by distance learning who collaboratively, with staff, Alison Fox, Katharine Jewitt, and Kris Stutchbury, designed and completed a study of their views on how studying the Master’s had affected their views and practice of assessment through understandings of agency and identity. The data included are anonymised transcripts of interviews conducted by a member of staff with six students. This was supplemented with online forum discussion posts from these students during activities related to these topics during the study of a Masters-level module. Students wanted to collectively reflect on their application of theory to practice to generate evidence which would allow them to ‘speak’ with a strong voice to their settings. The dataset file is accompanied by a teaching guide and a student guide and will be most appropriate to those who are interested in collaborative ways of researching in online environments.

Item Type: Research Dataset Record
Dataset Status: Finalised
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Access Restrictions: The dataset for teaching is available on the Sage website
Collection Method: These interviews were with consenting students in 2020 who were either studying the postgraduate taught module EE831 or had studied it the previous year (ie. 19J or 20J cohorts). The interviews were designed by a student-staff project team, one member of staff conducted them and they were analysed first blind and then in consultation to produce co-analysed transcripts looking deductively for evidence of the following themes: teacher agency (in relation to assessment practice), teacher identity (in relation to assessment practice), learner agency (in relation to assessment practice), learner identity (in relation to assessment practice) or the role of theory in informing understandings of assessment. Each interview was thematically coded by at least two team members prior to an inductive analysis identifying sub-codes.
Start Date: October 2019
End Date: September 2021
Retention Rule: no specified date
Retention Action: Review
Keywords: Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis, Transcription, Online interviews, teacher identity, teacher agency, learner identity, learner agency, student identity, student agency
Academic Unit or School: Education
Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport
Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS)
Department for Public Leadership and Social Enterprise
Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)
Item ORO ID: 82627
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Date Deposited: 10 May 2022 12:23
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